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SBL Yohimbinum 6 CH (30ml)

SBL Yohimbinum 6 CH (30ml)
SBL Yohimbinum 6 CH (30ml)

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Information on SBL Yohimbinum 6

Also Known As: Yohimbine

Ingredients of Yohimbinum:


Used For:

·         It cover all sexual problems such as impotency, erectile dysfunction, early and uncontrolled ejaculation

·         Helps in stabilizing blood pressure

·         Helpful in headache due to everyday life worries

·         Helps to reduce hyperhidrosis (can be used by those who sweat / sweating a lot)

·         It is prescribed to those patients who feel heat on any part of the body

·         Helps to retain appetite make strong male vitality

·         Recommended for those who have sleepless nights


How to Use:


As directed by homeopathic Physician or Take 10 to 15 drops in quarter cup of water in every three/four hour 


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Things to remember:


Homeopathic medicines can be used for various conditions.

Avoid foods or herbs which have strong scent

Keep at least 10 to 15 minutes gap between foods/other medicines.

Keep away from the children reach and should be used under certified homeopathic physician

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