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Medisynth Pilen Cream (20g)

Medisynth Pilen Cream (20g)
Medisynth Pilen Cream (20g)

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About Medisynth Pilen  Cream

Medisynth Pilen  Cream is very effective remedy for piles, all type piles and Burning Piles, Anal Fissure, Itching at anus

Also Known As : Beck AND Koll Pilen Forte Drops

Form: Cream

Benefits Of Medisynth Pilen  Cream

·         Haemorrhoids of any kind whether internal or External

·         Bleeding or Non-bleeding

·         It helps to relieves agonizing pains and to shrink Haemorrhoids

·         Its beneficial effect Relieves Constipation

·         Gives Regular Movement to the Bowels.

Composition of Medisynth Pilen  Cream

·         Acidum Nitricum 1M

·         Calcarea Fluorica 1M

·         Hamamelis Virginica 1M

Uses of Pilen Cream:

Apply locally twice a day.

Side-effect – There are no such side effects

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