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Hapdco Ferrocin Drops (60ml)

Hapdco Ferrocin Drops (60ml)
Hapdco Ferrocin Drops (60ml)

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About Hapdco Ferrocin Drops

HPD ferrocin drops are used for both adults n kids to help in lowering the body temperature with natural herbs derived from healing herbs

Also Known As: Ferro, ferroc, ferroci

Benefits of HPD Hapdco Ferrocin Drops

·         Effective for rise of temperature, cold, influenza, coryza etc.

 Composition of Hapdco Ferrocin Drops

·         Acetanilidum

·         Bryonia Alba

·         Rhus Toxicodendron

·         Gelsemium Sempervirens

·         Belladonna

·         Eupatorium Perfoliatum

·         Andrographis Paniculata

·         Vitex Negundo

·         Ferrum Phosphoricum

·         Allium Cepa

·         Ocimum Sanctum

·         Justisia Adhatoda

·         Calendula Officinalis

Doses of Hapdco Ferrocin Drops

Two teaspoonsful three times daily.

 Side effects: There are no known Side-effects

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