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Dr. Reckeweg Millefolium 1X (Q) (20ml)

Dr. Reckeweg Millefolium 1X (Q) (20ml)
Dr. Reckeweg Millefolium 1X (Q) (20ml)

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About Reckeweg  (RW) Millefolium Q (MT) Mother Tincture

This dilution is used for for disorder related with bleeding

Also Known As : Yarrow

Form: Drop

Benefits Of Millefolium

·         Haemorrhages

·         Blood bright red color in bleeding

·         Incarcerated hernia

·         Smallpox

·         Gives relief from great pain in pit of stomach

·         After operations for stone

·         Bad effects from fall from a height

·         Haemoptysis.

Active Ingridient:

Millefolium (Active)

ENA (Inactive)

Dose of Millefolium

Take 3-5 drops of the dilution in 1 teaspoon of water twice a day or as directed by the physician.

Side-effect – There are no such side effects


·         Read the label carefully before use

·         Keep out of the reach of children

·         Use under medical supervision

·         Do not exceed the recommended dosage

·         Store in a cool and dry place 

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