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SBL Aconite Napellus 30 CH

SBL Aconite Napellus 30 CH
SBL Aconite Napellus 30 CH
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  • Packsize: 30ml

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Manufacture SBL
Quantity 30ML
Key ingredients
Key ingredients Extract of the plant monkshood Ethanol
Price $ 6.29
Used for
Used For It helps in reliving heaviness of head, sensation of pressure inside the brain and burning headaches. It is also beneficial for eyes and helps in reducing inflammation and redness in eyes.
Side Effect
Side Effect nausea, vomiting, pupil dilation, weakness or inability to move, sweating, breathing problems
Benefits Useful in vertigo Reduces inflammation and irritation in the eyes Useful in digestive disorders such as heaviness and vomiting Helps in treating inflammatory fever Reduces bleeding of the nose